Turtle Creek House (Rose Residence)

10,000 square foot, four level private residence designed by Antoine Predock located on Turtle Creek. The home consists of a pier and beam foundation, architectural concrete wall façade, a curtainwall glazing system, a built-up roofing system, and a chilled water HVAC system. Awards for the project include the 1997-1998 Western Home Award of Merit, 1996 Honor Awards/American Institute of Architects, 1994 Project of the year, AGC Texas Building Brach, 1994 National Excellence in Construction, ABC. This House, ‘theater of the trees,’ was a response to the client’s passion for bird-watching. The site is at the convergence of two major continental flyways on Turtle Creek in Dallas. One first encounters giant limestone ledges, which create a weighty and earthbound foreground: a dam of expectations.  The ledges suggest a timeless relationship to the site, one that has geologic parallels to the Austin Chalk Formation, the spine that runs north-south through Dallas. Vantage points are poised throughout the house. They are directly related to characteristics of the local avian habitats. A central ‘sky ramp’ projects the fissure of the entry into the surrounding canopy of trees. This trajectory aims toward the sky. It touches the ground lightly, allowing the undergrowth to flow beneath it. Its predominantly tensile steel composition resonates with the wind like an instrument. The entry fissure in the ledges is a channel that separates the house into north and south ‘houses.’ An interior black-steel bridge spans this entry hall. The twenty-foot ceiling reveals the stratified tree canopy. The entry hall is also the point of departure to the various interior vantage points. A gallery zone links the north and south houses. It parallels the limestone ledges and begins an interior trail that culminates in a network of roof terraces.

Architect: Antoine Predock

Size: 10,000 SF

Location: Dallas, Texas

  • Western Home Award of Merit

  • Honor Award/American Institute of Architects

  • Project of the Year
    Presented by Associated General Contractors/Texas Building Branch

  • National Excellence in Construction
    Presented by Associated Builders and Contractors

  • Outstanding Construction
    Presented by Associated General Contractors/Ft. Worth Chapter

  • Excellence in Construction
    Presented by Associated Builders and Contractors/N. Texas Chapter