Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office Expansion

Project includes the renovation and expansion of the existing Tarrant County Medial Examiners facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Included is a new two-story laboratory building and a one-story connecting link to the existing ME facility. The new addition is located to the north of the existing facility and will house training and building support areas, evidence services, vehicle processing, a forensic laboratory, administration, forensic biology, trace analysis, latent prints, forensic photography, histology, odontology, fingerprints, and AFIS. Support facilities include restrooms, electrical and mechanical rooms. The addition consists of a drilled pier/slab-on-grade foundation, a structural concrete framing system, a brick masonry façade, a reflective single-ply roofing system, an aluminum framed window system, a chilled water HVAC system, and elevator. The project also includes a new parking lot, a new transformer and a new diesel emergency generator. Renovation of the existing building entails demolition of a portion of the existing one-story north façade. The two existing south entry vestibules will also be removed during the renovation. Also included is replacing of the existing freezer in the out-cooler, a new decomposition cooler, an infectious diseases autopsy room, and electrical room, as well as the removal of the existing conference room and entry vestibule and conversion to an expanded waiting area, two family interview rooms and a new entry vestibule. Renovation also includes work in the x-ray room and new finishes in all corridors, x-ray, and examination rooms. All restrooms will be modified to meet TAS. The project is designed to achieve a “Certified” LEED rating. 

Architect: Jacobs/Carter Burgess

Size: 60,200 SF

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

  • Designed for LEED Certification