University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

The Biological Sciences Research Building will connect the existing Biology Building and will occupy the former site of Master Hall Chemistry Science Building planned for demolition. The new four story , 81,000 square foot complex project will consist of laboratories, wet laboratories, laboratory support and administrative offices. The new facility will accommodate research laboratories for Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology and Environmental Science. The facility consists of a drilled pier/slab-on-grade foundation, a cast-in-place concrete structure, a brick masonry/architectural cast stone façade, an aluminum framed glazing system, a standing seam/ built-up roofing system, and a chilled water HVAC system. The space adjoining the new building to the existing Biology Building will consist of a Science Gallery and will also accommodate administrative and advisor offices. The Biological Sciences Research Building is located in the middle of the UNT main Denton campus and will be constructed without interruption to ongoing classroom and campus activities.